Native Plant Parkways

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Welcome to the Native Plant Parkway Program!

Did you know? Parkways (the area between the sidewalk and street) are the cause of a lot of wasteful runoff. In partnership with the California Native Plant Society, Long Beach Water is offering the Native Plant Parkway program to simplify the turf in your parkway with our environment’s best, natural safeguard against water waste – native plants!

The Native Plant Parkway program gives you all of the resources to convert your parkway from turf to a native landscape at no cost!

The Benefits of Native Plants

Plants selected for the Native Plant Parkway Program are California native plants, carefully chosen by the California Native Plant Society. These plants are uniquely adapted to thrive in our Long Beach climate and offer the following benefits:

  • Support for local birds and insects

  • Water conservation

  • Reduce amount of runoff and pollution

  • Less required maintenance

How it Works

  • Step 1: Apply!

    Click HERE to apply to participate in the Native Plant Parkway Program. The Terms and Conditions for the Native Plant Parkway Program can be accessed HERE.

  • Step 2: Pre-Inspection

    After your application is confirmed, you will receive your Parkway Program Guidebook in the mail. LBWD staff will conduct a pre-inspection of your parkway to gather dimensions and verify that there is existing turf in the area.

  • Step 3: Turf Removal

    Begin the process of removing your turf. To remain eligible for the Program you must do so within 30 days of receiving your approval letter. See RESOURCES, for tips on turf removal.

  • Step 4: Kit Selection

    Review your parkway program guidebook and select your desired plant palette. There are 5 different palettes to choose from. The number of plants and materials (mulch and stepping stones) that you will receive when you pick up your kit (Step 6) is based on the length and area of your parkway.

  • Step 5: Notify LBWD

    Notify LBWD once you have chosen your kit and the turf in your parkway has removed. LBWD staff will then verify that your turf has been removed.

  • Step 6: Redeem Your Parkway Planting Kit

    Once LBWD confirms plant availability with our partner nurseries, you will receive a letter in the mail letting you know that it’s time to pick up your plants. The letter will contain the pickup location for your kit. LBWD staff will coordinate a delivery of mulch and stepping stones to your project site.

  • Step 7: Installation!

    Install your parkway kit! Remember to adhere to any city parkway landscaping codes. The city parkway landscaping code can be accessed HERE.

  • Step 8: Notify LBWD of Project Completion

    Notify LBWD that your project is complete and receive your free Native Plants Live Here sign!

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