Let’s LiveSmartLB!

Our city-wide smart meter upgrade will give Long Beach Water new tools and information to help you be more water efficient in your home and business. It is also a cost-savings program that will send your water use directly to us, reducing manual meter-reading and providing proactive leak detection to help catch wasteful water leaks.

With LiveSmartLB, we will continue to provide you with the same exceptional water and exceptional service you’ve come to expect.

Watch our LiveSmartLB video to learn more about smart meters.

How to Read Your New Meter

Click here for instructional steps on how to read your new smart meter.

Program Benefits

Some of the many benefits of LiveSmartLB include:

Water Use Efficiency

Saving water every day is the Long Beach way. Leak detection and high bill notifications from the smart metering system can assist Long Beach Water in helping us save even more water together.

New Customer Toolkits

Long Beach Water will have new tools to improve response times and overall customer satisfaction.

Green House Gas Reduction

Sustainability is our way of life. By reducing utility vehicle trips to your home and business, Long Beach Water will decrease our carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

How Smart Meters Work

Smart meters provide many benefits, and the installation is a simple and seamless process to our valued customers.

  1. Smart Meter Installation – Long Beach Water customers will have their new smart meter installed to work properly and accurately.
  2. Communications Network – The smart meter delivers water usage and other important information for billing via an encrypted and secure radio frequency directly to the utility’s office. Your utility and customer information will continue to be safe and confidential.
  3. Long Beach Water – Meter data is automatically sent from the smart water meter to the utility. The utility also receives important alerts, which allows for a faster response to service disruptions and customer concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I expect my smart water meter upgrade?

Meters are scheduled to be installed starting February 2019 through spring 2020. Customers will be notified in advance when installers will be in your area. The meter installers will leave a door hanger notifying you that your meter was successfully upgraded.

2. How can meter installers be identified?

Corix, the contractor who currently manually reads your meter each month, will be assisting Long Beach Water in the installation of the smart meters. Each installer will be identifiable by their uniform and signage on their vehicle. The installer will not and is not permitted to enter your home. Should you have any questions or concerns about Long Beach Water’s contracted installers please call us at 562.570.2436.

3. Will my water be shutoff during the meter upgrade process?

Customers may experience a brief, 30-minute interruption of service during the upgrade.

4. Are smart meters safe?

Yes. Long Beach Water’s smart meters exceed all health and safety standards set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The energy emitted by these smart meters is much less than other common house-hold devices such as microwaves, televisions, cell phones, garage openers and Wi-Fi routers.

5. I thought I already had a smart meter installed by my utility?

Long Beach customers received smart meter installations for their gas service by Long Beach Energy Resources and electricity service by SoCal Edison. This smart meter installation will be for your water service on your water meter.


Contact Long Beach Water at 562.570.2436.


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