What We Do

We are dedicated to adding value and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

We use water for many things: public health and safety, transportation, business, and enjoyment. In fact, we rely on it being there each time we turn a faucet for the most important use of all, our survival.

Without water, Long Beach as we know it, would cease to exist. Like the rest of Southern California, Long Beach is essentially a coastal desert. Its growth over the last century has been tied directly to man's ability to bring water to this thirsty land.

Having an adequate supply of fresh water, made easily available at an affordable rate, is the cornerstone of any livable community, and keeping that water supply clear, safe, and constant increase quality of life.

The swift removal of sanitary sewage from Long Beach residences and places of business is as key to our quality of life as our supply of drinking water. Efficient, safe delivery of the City's wastewater to nearby wastewater treatment facilities is another valuable service of the Long Beach Water Department, provided at one of the lowest sewer rates in the United States.

Since its formation in 1911, the Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) has been delivering a dependable water supply meeting or surpassing all applicable water quality standards. The LBWD serves a total population of 460,000, the seventh largest city in the State of California.

From our Board of Water Commissioners to the highly skilled technicians who service your neighborhood, we are dedicated to returning your water and sewer rate investment in this Department, sustaining your quality of life, and continuing to strive toward becoming the most effective, efficient, and competitive municipally run Water Department in California.