Understanding Your Bill/Rates

The current rates are broken into six user categories:

  • Single-family Residential
  • Duplex Residential
  • Multi-family Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Irrigation

The average single-family residential customer in Long Beach using 12 billing units of water each month would be billed approximately $47.49 per month. For 10 billing units of sewer charges each month, the average customer would be billed $12.33 by the City of Long Beach for usage and $13.58 by LA County Sanitation District for county trunk line conveyance and treatment, for a total of $25.91 in total sewer charges each month.

For those customers who qualify for the City's utility-users' tax exemption and are on record with the City of Long Beach Treasurer, there is relief of 50 percent from the basic water rate ($2.854) for each of the first five billing units of water consumption.

In FY 17, there was a 4 percent increase in both water rates and sewer rates. To get a brief overview of what the Long Beach Water Department FY 17 Budget funds, click on the link HERE.

More Information

For a comparison of average monthly water and sewer bills in California, please click on your choice below:

Rates per Water Department's Resolution No. WD-1357 as approved by the City Council.