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Desal Response Group & Aquarium of the Pacific. (2006, October). Ocean Desalination; Summary of Conclusions & Recommendations from conference. Long Beach, CA

This summary of conclusions and recommendations was developed at conference on ocean desalination, sponsored by the Desal Response Group and the Aquarium of the Pacific. The stated goal of the conference was to provide “a fresh, balanced perspective of the potential role ocean desalination might play in Southern California’s water portfolio in 2030. The summary is divided into three categories: major conclusions, points of uncertainty and next steps.

Orange County Water District & Municipal Water District of Orange County. (2003, October). Ocean Water Desalination Program Concept Paper. Fountain Valley, CA.

This draft report provides information on potentially developing an ocean water desalter at the AES site in Huntington Beach, including site opportunities and key issues in need of resolution

California Coastal Commission. (2004, March). Seawater Desalination and the California Coastal Act. San Francisco, CA: California Coastal Commission.

This report provides general information about issues related to desalination along the California coast, including policies, permit reviews and current projects

Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security. (2006, June). Desalination, With a Grain of Salt: A California Perspective. Oakland, CA.

This report offers a set of recommendations that help water users and planners interested in making desalination a more significant part of international, national and local water policy

Long Beach Water Department. (2006, February). Long Beach Water Department Prototype Seawater Desalination Testing Facility

This report offers a comprehensive plan of seawater desalination-related testing to be undertaken by Long Beach Water, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power and U.S. Department of Interior's Bureau of Reclamation.