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United States Congress Funds Key Long Beach Water Supply Projects; Seawater Desalination Project receives $1.25 million

WASHINGTON DC – The United States Senate has passed the FY’06 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Conference Report that funds the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Interior, including the Bureau of Reclamation, the Department of Energy and several independent Agencies.

Office of Naval Research Officials Inspect Long Beach Seawater Desalination Research and Development Project

LONG BEACH, CA – Representatives from the United States Office of Naval Research toured the Long Beach Seawater Desalination Project, Thursday, January 19th. The Long Beach Seawater Desalination Project, is a large-scale, national research and development project, focused on critical analyses of seawater desalination processes and capabilities to provide the nation with tangible new methodologies that will help reduce cost and improve environmental responsiveness of future seawater desalination facilities.

National Seawater Desalination Effort Announces Major Research Initiatives

LONG BEACH, CA - Long Beach Water officials today announced three Phases of major research that will be carried out at the 300,000 gallon-per-day (GPD) Long Beach Seawater Desalination Prototype facility over the next year, in partnership with the United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation.

California Coastal Commission Approves Coastal Development Permit for Innovative Under Ocean Floor Desalination Demonstration System

SANTA BARBARA, CA – The California Coastal Commission has authorized the Long Beach Water Department to conduct a seafloor bathymetry survey and begin hydrogeological testing for the proposed Under Ocean Floor Seawater Intake and Discharge Demonstration System, part of the Long Beach Water Department’s overall seawater desalination research and development project.

Long Beach Water Receives $51,136 from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to create a Beautiful Long Beach

LONG BEACH, CA - Today, the Long Beach Water Department received a $51,136 grant from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation for two important environmentally responsible water conservation programs: replacing an inefficient 50 year old irrigation system at Keller Elementary School and the implementation of an innovative “eWaterUpdate” program to help homeowners reduce landscape irrigation.

Long Beach Seawater Desalination Facility Commissioned

LONG BEACH, CA – The Long Beach Seawater Desalination Research and Development Facility has been officially commissioned after successfully completing a three-day operational test of all systems at full power.

Long Beach Water Awards Beautiful Long Beach Landscape Grants

LONG BEACH, CA – The Long Beach Water Department has awarded $7,000 in grants to two Long Beach organizations working to create a more Beautiful Long Beach. The Long Beach Water Department’s landscape grant program is intended to showcase and cultivate interest in native California plants and landscapes. By promoting California-Friendly landscape, we help keep water in the up-stream environment, reduce urban runoff and its toxicity, and create wildlife habitat, while lowering maintenance costs and water bills.

Long Beach Water Conservation Program to Save School District $80,000 a Year; 36 Million Gallons of Water

LONG BEACH, CA – The Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners has approved an agreement with the Long Beach Unified School District that will conserve more than 36 million gallons of water and save the District $80,000 dollars in water fees, each year. The agreement provides for the installation of 49 advanced-technology irrigation controllers at 26 different schools in the Long Beach Unified School District, all at no cost to the District.

Long Beach Water Beach Clean-Up Removes Over 800 lbs of Trash

LONG BEACH, CA – On Saturday, June 17, 2006 the Long Beach Water Department removed over 800 lbs of debris, including a mattress, multiple pairs of shoes and innumerable pieces of styrofoam and cigarette butts from Bluff Park Beach.