Sources of Water

Long Beach receives its potable (drinking) water supply from two main sources, groundwater and imported water.

Ownership of pumping rights allows over half of the City’s water supply needs to be produced from groundwater wells located within the City.

The other portion of the City's potable (drinking) water supply is treated surface water purchased from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). This water originates from two sources: the Colorado River, via the 242-mile Colorado River Aqueduct and Northern California's Bay-Delta region, via the 441-mile California Aqueduct.

Long Beach satisfies non-potable water demand through reclaimed water supplies.  Reclaimed water originates from the Long Beach Water Reclamation Plant, located on the East side of the City.  The water that is produced here comes from sewage water that is treated to a quality standard that is suitable for irrigating parks, golf courses and other outdoor landscapes.