Security & Emergency Preparedness

About Us

The Security and Emergency Preparedness Division is responsible for security operations and emergency preparedness response for the department. Security of the department’s critical facilities expands to protecting the public by mitigating any possible threats to our potable water supply system. Furthermore, this division coordinates policy development / implementation, strategic planning and training as it relates to emergency management.

Finally, this division is responsible for acting as liaison with City, County, State and Federal agencies to ensure that accurate and timely information is available for dissemination to management, employees and the public during times of crisis.

Mission Statement

The mission or purpose of the division of Security and Emergency Preparedness is to ensure a safe and secure environment for the Department’s employees, visitors and customers.  Responsible for the protection of the Department’s critical infrastructure, this division facilitates and supports the resources that will enable the Department to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies ensuring our ability to maintain safe and reliable drinking water for our customers.

Emergency Preparation

A variety of Long Beach Water Department policies, plans and procedures help us to be prepared for hazards like earthquakes, floods and power outages.  But these hazards can still disrupt water and wastewater services – So we ask our customers to take a few simple steps to prepare themselves for these unexpected interruptions. 

The links and publications within this section will help you to build a disaster kit with emergency supplies, create a disaster plan and stay informed before, during and after disaster strikes.