Check Plants for Overwatering 

Overwatering is a common issue, particularly during the cooler seasons or after rain, Soil that is constantly wet won't allow your plants to "breathe". Plant roots need water to survive, but they also need oxygen. 

Next steps:

Check your plants. If they're showing the following signs, reduce the amount of water. 

  • Plant leaves are wilting, but the soil is moist or the plant appears to have enough water. 
  • Plant leaves are turning brown, but are still soft. If the leaves are turning brown because the plant needs more water, the leaves will feel crispy. 
  • Plant leaves are turning yellow. Normally, this is accompanied by stunted growth or leaf loss. 
  • Signs or edema are appearing on stalk or leaves. Plant edema occurs when the roots of a plant absorb more water than they can use. The extra water causes pressure to build up in the stems and leaves. Eventually, the pressurized cells burst. The result is tan, brown, or white spots, which often look like lesions, warts, or blisters.