Multi-Family Conservation


 $115 High Efficiency Toilet and Showerhead Rebate

The Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) is offering an enhanced incentive for multi-family customers installing 0.8 gallon per flush (GPF) toilets AND 1.5 gallon per minute (GPM) or lower showerheads. A regional rebate of $80 per toilet is available through SoCal Water$mart, and LBWD is providing an additional $35 incentive to customers per ultra high-efficiency toilet (0.8 GPF) and showerhead combination installed.  

Steps to receive rebate:

  1. Apply and receive approval on the SoCal Water$mart website for the "Premium High Efficiency Toilet." The base rebate amount shows $40, but Long Beach customers will see the rebate amount change to $80 after entering in their address. (Cick here for link to SoCal Water$mart website.)  
  2. Provide a completed and signed LBWD application and a copy of the email confirmation(s) from SoCal Water$mart. Scan and send documents to:
    (Click here to download a copy of the LBWD application.)
    If a customer is using a third party contractor to install devices, and wants the rebate check directly sent to a third party, third party must be on Metropolitan Water District's approved contractor list. Both the account holder and contractor must agree and sign the terms and conditions (pages 2-4 of application).

  3. LBWD will provide written notification of approval and a rebate estimate. Applicant will be given 60 calendar days from date on written approval to complete installations and provide LBWD with the documents identified in the terms and conditions (item #9). No exception or extensions will be granted. 
  4. Property must be available for post-inspection within 7 calendar days of completion during normal business hours. 
  5. Pending post-inspection results, rebate will be issued within 8-12 weeks. 

Questions? Contact (562) 570-2308

Please note that this rebate is only for multi-family housing with a minimum of five units. High-efficiency toilet(s) must be replacing an existing 1.6 GPF or higher toilet(s) and showerhead(s) replacing an existing 2 GPM or higher showerhead(s). Please see the program terms and conditions to find out the rebate amount if either the showerheads or toilets already meet the efficiency requirements.

>>DID YOU KNOW?<< Starting in 2019, it will be illegal to have high-flow toilets in all multi-family housing. Get paid to change out your toilets and be in compliance now!

Direct Installation Programs

 Toilets, showerheads and faucets compromise 73% of indoor water usage, so taking advantage of our generous rebates is a great way to significantly reduce overall water consumption.  

There are companies that offer installations of toilet, shower, and aerators at low or no cost to property owners, which is possible due to the rebate incentives. The Long Beach Water Department does not endorse individual companies, but for apartment and condominium buildings, the Long Beach Water Department does allow for the payment of rebates directly to these installation companies. 

If you are a property owner or manager, please click here for more information.

If you are a tenant in a multi-family residence, please click here for more information.


  • Multi-Family buildings, such as apartments and condos, use approximately 1/3 of the City's water supply. Conservation is an important and easy endeavor we must all participate in to secure water for our future.
  • Showerheads account for 22% of all indoor water usage. The majority of the utility costs from showerheads goes towards heating the water. Switching to low flow 1.5 gallon per minute showerheads is an inexpensive way to lower your energy, sewer and water bills by $125-$225 a year per apartment/condo!