Long Beach

Long Beach

Their Story

We entered the contest because we 1) wanted to save water, 2) needed a new sprinkler system to help achieve that, and 3) we're not really very good with plants.

We really like the lavender, white roses, tress, boulders, and absolutely LOVE the brick work-really makes the front look polished and sharp.

Our neighbors have called to say they like it very much; the neighbors across the street are happy to have the pretty new landscape to look at. Down the street neighbors, who had also entered the contest, came down to look around and congratulate us. We have had lots of great comments.

Plants Used

Botanical Name:

Common Name:

Lagerstroemia indica

Crape Myrtle


Red Yucca

Grevillea thelemanniana

Hummingbird Bush

Carex testacea

Orange Sedge


Dragon Wing


Tom Thumb

Tulbaghia violacea 'Variegata'

Striped Society Garlic

Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender Mix

Callistemon Little John

Dwarf Callistemon

Coleonema pulchellum

Pink Breath of Heaven

Kalanchoe sp.

Mixed Color

Woodwardia fimbriata

Giant Chain Fern

Arbutus V Marina

Strawberry Madrone

Chamaemelum nobile

Chamomile Ground cover

Rosa "Iceberg"

Iceberg Floribunda Rose

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