Water Bill Estimator

Water Bill Estimator

LONG BEACH WATER CUSTOMERS: Please use the calculator below to get an estimate of your monthly water bill.

NOTE: The purpose of this calculator is only to provide you with an ESTIMATE of your water bill based on a specific monthly usage volume. Your actual water bill may vary from the calculator’s estimate depending on the actual length of the billing cycle and any other potential bill adjustments. The calculator assumes a 30-day billing cycle. Actual billing cycles may vary throughout the year. Also, the estimate provided by this calculator is only for your water use. It does not include any estimates for the sewer, gas or refuse charges that you pay for in your monthly Long Beach Utilities bill. It also does not include the City of Long Beach Utility Use Tax, which gets applied to the combined monthly gas and water charges.

Instructions: Use the dropdown boxes below to input the appropriate information and then press the Calculate button. Your Water Service Charge and Water Usage can be found on your water bill. An example of a typical residential water bill is shown on this page.

Rate Calculator

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To view current Long Beach water rates, please visit the water rates page on our website.

To see how Long Beach water rates compare to other similar cities, please view our water rate comparison chart.

If you have any other questions or comments about your water bill or this calculator, please contact us at (562) 570-2300 or lbwaterinfo@lbwater.org

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