Kallin Ave.

2014 Kallin Ave.

Their Story

The busy lifestyle of this young family leaves little time for yard maintenance. They would much rather be spending quality family together time instead of mowing the yard! They are also very environmentally conscious and wanted to do their part to reduce their water usage and urban run-off. What better way to accomplish that than to create a stunning water-wise garden in their front yard.

A well-defined entry way was built leading to their front door, which changed the flow of traffic to their home. Removal of the ball-shaped shrubs in front of the house allows the ranch styling of the house to shine through where it was previously hidden. A varied use of mixed pebbles, stepping stones, and mulch add texture and interest to their new garden.

As you drive down their street, you'll notice that a few of the neighbors are following their example and replacing their high water use lawns with water-smart gardens.

Plants Used

Botanical Name:

Common Name:

Carex testacea

Orange Sedge

Arctotis hybrids

African Daisy

Coleonema pulchellum 'Sunset Gold'

Golden Breath of Heaven

Festuca glauca

Blue Fescue

Pittosporum tenuifolium

Blackstem Pittosporum

Arbutus 'Marina'

Strawberry Madrone

Salvia leucophylla

Purple Sage

Grevillea 'Noellii'

Noell's Grevillea

Achillea tomentosa

Wooly Yarrow

Salvia microphylla

Mexican Mint Sage

Sedum spathulifolium

Spathe Leaved Sedum

Dianella tasmanica

Tasmanian Flax Lily

Click on the pictures below and learn about the drought-tolerant plants they used!