E. Rosada St.

4410 E. Rosada St.

Their Story

My mother has lived in this home for more than 50 years, and I grew up here. I thought it might be something we could do together. I'd been reading stuff about saving water, and I'd been trying to do something like that in the back yard. Winning caught us by surprise. My dad had had a thing with the yard, and created something with dramatic appeal. But we lost him in '87, and to be honest, the yard had gotten tired.

Jim from H & H made an effort to learn our personal desires. My dad had laid an extra-wide stone walkway, and that was one thing we weren't giving up. They not only designed around it, they mirrored it on the other side. There was great consideration for mother's safety. Once they showed us the design, we could have changed it, but we didn't. It was great.

The actual work took about two weeks, with three days of demolition and the rest in landscaping. The contactor, Emerald Crest Landscaping, worked hard to limit the disruption of the home and the neighborhood. In fact, the neighborhood became involved in the project.

The neighbors would come by and ask how it was going. The neighbors across the street said they are definitely going to tear out their lawn. I like to think we kind of inspired others to do something.

One of those other things is enjoying that yard. These days, instead of going out to move the hose every 10 minutes, mother and I can sit and enjoy the neighborhood from the front yard.

I think back and just say what a waste. I spent all that time when there's this great aesthetic to enjoy.

Plants Used

Botanical Name:

Common Name:

Agonis flexuosa

Peppermint Tree

Dasylirion wheeleri

Spoon Yucca

Euphorbia tirucalli 'Sticks on Fire'

Sticks on Fire Pencil Tree

Asteriscus maritimus

Compact Gold Coin

Hesperaloe parviflora

Red Yucca

Westringia 'Wynyabbie Gem'

Coast Rosemary

Grevillea 'Noellii'

Noell's Grevillea

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus'

Prostrate Rosemary

Echium candicans

Pride of Madeira

Kalanchoe pumila

Flower Dust Plant

Carex testacea

Orange Sedge

Festuca glauca

Blue Fescue

Lavandula stoechas

Spanish Lavender

Echeveria X 'Imbricata'

Hens and Chicks

Dudleya cultivars


Dianella tasmanica

Tasmanian Flax Lily

Rhaphiolepis indica

Indian Hawthorne

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