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LA River Project

Los Angeles River Drinking Water Source Pilot Program


Recycled Water

Long Beach Recycled Water System Expansion

The Long Beach Water Department remains committed to developing alternative sources of water versus using precious imported potable water to meet the annual water demands our customer, particularly those using potable water primarily for industrial and irrigation operations.

Capital Projects

The Long Beach Water Department manages a complex network of water and sewer distribution systems throughout the city.  The Water Department is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of more than 915 miles of water pipeline and 765 miles of sewer pipeline.

Testimony before the Subcommittee on Water and Power United States House of Representatives May 24, 2005

Mr. Chairman, thank you for the invitation to speak before this distinguished Subcommittee today.
My name is Kevin Wattier and I am General Manager of Long Beach Water, an urban municipal water supply agency located in Long Beach, California. I am a licensed Professional Engineer and Grade 5 Water Treatment Operator.

New Innovative, Environmentally Responsible Water Storage Project Will Increase Supply Reliability, Maintain Affordability

January 10, 2003

LONG BEACH, CA - On Thursday, January 9, the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners authorized the Long Beach Water Department to implement one of the most significant water supply reliability improvement projects in recent memory. The Long Beach Conjunctive Use Project will allow the Water Department to capture excess water during wet years and store it in the giant Central Groundwater Basin for use in dry years, when demand for water is high. The project will strengthen the city’s water supply reliability and maintain rate affordability.

Long Beach Water Receives $3.1 Million for Lakewood Water Storage Project

LONG BEACH, CA - Today, the Long Beach Water Department received a $3.1 million grant from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California to construct the Lakewood Conjunctive Use Project, an innovative and environmentally responsive water storage project that will allow Long Beach to maximize the use of the groundwater basin that runs beneath the City of Long Beach, strengthening the City’s water supply reliability while maintaining water rate affordability.

U.S. Senate Committee Appropriates $1.9 Million for Long Beach Desalination, Reclamation Projects

WASHINGTON DC – Today, the United States Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously approved a $30.7 billion Energy and Water Appropriations bill, which includes $1.9 million for critical Long Beach water supply reliability efforts. The bill provides $1 million for the Long Beach Seawater Desalination Project and $970,000 for the continued expansion of the city’s recycled water distribution system.

Board of Water Commissioners Approves 7 Percent, Combined Water and Sewer Rate Increase for FY 2008

LONG BEACH, CA – Today, the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners adopted a resolution fixing rates and charges for both water and sewer service for FY 2008. The resolution incorporates a combined water and sewer rate increase of 7 percent; 5.5 percent for water rates and 16 percent for sewer rates.