Message from the General Manager

On behalf of the Long Beach Water Department, I personally welcome you to our website, which you will find both informative and helpful.

Since 1911, when we began providing water service to our community, Long Beach Water has built partnerships with the half a million people who live, work and play in our city, our business community, our many diverse neighborhoods, and with other water agencies throughout California.

Long Beach Water continues to incorporate innovative and cost-effective ways to secure our current and future water supplies.  We ensure water is available upon customer demand by diversifying our sources of water supplies, continually re-investing in the upkeep and strategic replacement of our 2,000 miles of underground water and sewer pipeline systems, and by stressing the need for continuing the wise and efficient use of water by our customers.  Long Beach already uses recycled water extensively for irrigation purposes, replacing millions of gallons of potable water that would otherwise have to be imported hundreds of miles from Northern California and the Colorado River.  We are also working on an aggressive expansion to our water-recycling program, including the construction of additional pipeline, new pump stations, upgrades to water system storage, and the completion of new service connections.  Once complete, the project will more than double recycled water use in Long Beach and eventually will meet 15 percent of Long Beach's total water demand.

Long Beach Water and our customers have long embraced an ethic of efficiency in our water use in order to ensure a sustainable water supply for our collective future.  That long-standing Long Beach lifestyle was evidenced in the extraordinary savings our customers delivered under the recent state-wide conservation mandate.  While a statewide drought continues, the State is now transitioning from the critical emergency condition of the past few years and is in the process of developing a long-term “new normal” of where the wise use of limited water supplies is simply the norm for all Californians.  As such, it is still as important as ever to continue our common sense water-efficient practices and to find new ways to save in our homes and businesses.

As always, Long Beach Water is deeply committed to providing our community with exceptional water and exceptional service. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.