Water Glossary

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  • Palo Verde

    Palo Verde Irrigation District, PVID; primarily agricultural irrigation district lying along the Colorado River 110 miles north of Mexico. Has first priority to river water from California's apportionment. MWD has fourth priority.

  • Perchlorate

    A chemical used in manufacturing rocket fuel that has contaminated some Southern California groundwater basins.

  • Potable

    Drinkable water. Nonpotable means nondrinkable.

  • Preferential Rights

    A member agency has a preferential right to a percentage of Metropolitan's available water supply based on a formula established by the Legislature and set forth in Section 135 of the Metropolitan Act. That percentage is equal to the ratio of each member agency's total accumulated payments to Metropolitan's capital costs and operating expenses compared to the total of all member agencies' payments towards those costs, specifically excepting payments for the purchase of water. The Preferential Rights section has never been invoked.