Water Glossary

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  • MTBE

    methyl tertiary butyl ether. An oxygenate used in California gasoline to help prevent air pollution. The chemical has a long life and has been determined to have polluted lakes, reservoirs and groundwater after leaking from watercraft, underground tanks and pipelines. Required to be phased out by Dec. 31, 2002.

  • Mills

    Henry J. Mills, Metropolitan general manager 1967-1971, after whom Metropolitan filtration plant at Riverside was named.

  • Moab

    A site near Moab, Utah, where a 10.5 million ton mountain of uranium mill tailings (scrap) is leaching pollutants, including uranium, into the nearby Colorado River.

  • Monterey Agreement

    A December 1994 statement of principles to settle disputes over water allocations and operational aspects of the State Water Project, providing greater water management flexibility and financial stability.