Water Glossary

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  • IICP

    Incremental Interruption and Conservation Plan, which was in effect during the state's 1987-92 drought and was replaced by the WSDM Plan.

  • IID

    Imperial Irrigation District, primarily agricultural irrigation district in Imperial County south of the Salton Sea. Has priority 3(a) to California's apportionment of Colorado River water. Coachella has priority 3(b). MWD has fourth.

  • I/O-Inlet

    outlet facility, as at a reservoir.

  • IRP; Integrated Resources Plan

    The district's plan to ensure reliable water delivery to its customer member agencies despite population growth, dry spells and droughts. The IRP resources mix includes water storage, conservation, best management practices (BMPs), recycling, desalination, and groundwater recovery, among others.