Water Glossary

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  • California Plan

    Officially "California's draft Colorado River Water Use Plan," also sometimes called the "4.4 Plan." A planning document designed to reduce California's reliance on surplus Colorado River water over the next 15 years through conservation, water transfers, and conjunctive use measures.

  • Call

    To order, request or retrieve stored water; to call upon.

  • CBO

    Community-based organization. Local organization with which Metropolitan works on mutually beneficial programs.

  • Chromium

    A naturally occurring element found in air, soil, water and food.

  • Chromium VI

    Aka "chrome 6." One of the most common species of chromium, chromium VI can be carcinogenic and can constitute anywhere from 7 to 80 percent of the total chromium in drinking water.

  • CII

    Metropolitan's water conservation program for commercial, industrial and institutional entities.

  • Coachella

    Coachella Valley Water District. Primarily agricultural irrigation district receiving Colorado River water through Coachella Canal and serving portions of Riverside, Imperial and San Diego counties north of the Salton Sea. Has priority 3(b) to California's apportionment of Colorado River water, after (1) PVID; (2.) U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's Yuma Project; (3a) Imperial Irrigation District. MWD has fourth priority.

  • CEQA

    California Environmental Quality Act, which requires an assessment of the possible environmental impacts of public projects.

  • Conjunctive Use

    Storing imported water in a local aquifer, in conjunction with groundwater, for later retrieval and use.

  • Cubic foot

    A frequent water industry term of measurement, as in cubic feet per second. One cubic foot (cf) equals 7.48 gallons. A cubic foot per second is 450 gallons per minute.

  • CRA

    Colorado River Aqueduct, built 1933-1941 and owned and operated by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.