Residential Conservation

Why Conserve?

Southern Californians live in a semi-arid region that must import about half the water we need, using 20% of the state’s electricity to bring water to our City. Conservation is an importantand easy endeavor we must all participate in to secure water for our future. Let us help you conserve water both indoors and outdoors with our variety of incentives and programs.

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How to Conserve:  


Here are some programs you can take advantage of as a homeowner or renter in a single-family residence to conserve water:

I. Save water and energy by replacing older, every-day items such as clothes washers and sprinkler nozzles, and make it affordable using our rebates. Applications are only accepted online at SoCal Water$mart.

II. A lot of water used in a home goes towards keeping a landscape green and lush. Replace your water-thirsty grass with a beautiful drought tolerant garden with the Long Beach Water Department’s award-winning Lawn-to-Garden Program and you could receive up to a $3,750 rebate.

With a drought tolerant landscape, you can save four times the amount of water needed for a  grass lawn.



I. Brush up on the city's existing water use prohibitions
II. Help prevent water waste. Let us know when you see it occur.