The Long Beach Water Department offers a wide variety of rebates and incentives to make it even more affordable for you to save water and money by replacing your water-using devices and appliances.

SoCal Water$mart Rebates

Long Beach Water Department formed a partnership with other water agencies called "SoCal Water$mart" to streamline the rebate process for high-efficiency toilets, clothes washers, irrigation controllers, and many other water-saving devices. 

Go to the SoCal Water$mart website ( for rebate rules, approved device models, and the online application.

Coin/Card Operated High-Efficiency Clothes Washers

Commercial laundromats or multi-family properties may qualify to receive up to a $500 rebate for replacing water intensive coin/card operated washing machines with a high-efficiency model. Leased machines are eligible for a $50 per year rebate up to 10 years based on the number of years shown on the lease agreement.

The rebate applies to coin or card operated single front-loading high-efficiency models that are Energy Star-rated with a water factor of 4.5 or less. The "water factor" is the number of gallons of water needed to clean one cubic foot of clothes; so the SMALLER the water factor, the BETTER. Existing machines must have a water factor of 8.5 or higher.

Questions? Contact (562) 570-2308 or

Turf Removal Rebates

Learn about and apply for a "Lawn-to-Garden" rebate by visiting the Lawn-to-Garden website at Successful applicants that meet certain requirements are eligible to receive up to a $3,750 rebate to remove their grass lawns and replace them with drought-tolerant, California-Friendly landscapes.

The Commercial Turf Removal incentive is available for $1 per square foot of turf removed up to 25,000 square feet. For more information about the Commercial Turf Removal incentive and to apply, click here.