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Thank you for your interest in helping to conserve water! Below is additional information on the water-saving recommendations you may have received on your WaterSmart Home Water Report. For any questions regarding your Home Water Report, please call (562) 570-2455 option 8 or email WaterConservation@lbwater.org.


  Drought emergency continues
Despite the recent rain, statewide water supplies have still not recovered from multiple consecutive years of drought. The state has therefore extended the mandatory water use reductions through 2016.
Long Beach remains under Stage 2 Water Supply Shortage in order to meet the state mandated reductions. Information regarding the current status of water use restrictions can be found at www.lbwater.org/water-use-restrictions.
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  Replace grass with native plants
Native plants are those that occur naturally in your region and therefore are perfectly suited to your climate and soil. They generally grow better and require less maintenance, water, fertilizers and pesticides.
The Lawn-to-Garden program will provide you up to $2,500 to replace your grass with a drought-tolerant garden. Get more information and apply today at www.lblawntogarden.com
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  Stop irrigating when it rains

Take advantage of rain events and remember to shut off your sprinklers!  An update to your irrigation controller can help you avoid the unnecesary watering. Weather-based irrigation controllers (WBICS) adjust the irrigation system's set times based on the plant's watering needs.

Get paid to update your irrigation controller with a generous $120 rebate. Weather-based irrigation controllers (WBICS) can save over 13,500 gallons of water per year.

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  Upgrade to a high-efficiency toilet

Did you know toilets are usually the largest contributors to indoor water use? The average person flushes about 5 times per day, which can really add up if your toilet is not low-flow.

You can currently receive rebates up to $180 to replace your old toilet with a high-efficiency toilet. For more information on the rebates and to apply, visit:
socalwatersmart.com and saveourwaterrebates.com

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  Reduce shower to 5 minutes

Showers account for 17% of an average household's indoor water use. Play one song or place a timer by the shower to help remind you to take a 5 minute shower. For shower songs, visit missionh2olb.com/one-song-shower.

You can also consider installing a low-flow 1.5 gallon per minute showerhead. Some low-flow showerheads have features to turn the water on and off, without sacrificing hot water. Shorter and more efficient showers also saves you money on your energy bill from having to heat less water!

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   Only wash what's necessary
Consider using your bath towel more than once before you wash it. Jeans, jackets, and sweaters are bulky items that don't get dirty as quickly as others, so a lot of water can be saved by wearing them several times before washing.
High-efficiency washers use just 20-66% of the water used by traditional washers. A $150 rebate is available to replace old washers with new efficient washers. For more information and to apply, visit www.socalwatersmart.com.
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